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Some shots from the MonHun panel.

they showed off the design concepts and talked about the Insect Glaive, then went into monster design and Najarala concepts. The new subspecies finally has a name, and they showed that it can use its scales to ricochet blasts of water off.

It was really cool hearing about the design process and the work that goes into establishing monsters and their behaviour. Did you know that Najarala’s noisesand roars were made by using chopsticks? They also revealed the inclusion of the Link armour/weapons and the NA weapon contest winner [a clockwork bug staff].

There was also a pop quiz where Mr. Fujioka got up and pantomimed the longsword movements with a roll of something. I tried to get a video but I was too far back lol



3 year old death grip!



Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Light Bowgun (Kecha Wacha Z with Iodrome G Rank LBG featured)



Xulia Vicente is a Fine Arts student based near Valencia, Spain. Her works are animated and whimsical, bringing some nostalgia to mind.

Lately I’ve been dealing with pressure and fear of failure, as I’m starting bigger projects and things seem to get more serious. I have a lot of insecurities, questioning if the stuff is good enough, if I’m putting enough effort, if that’ll print well, if this blue should be darker…In the end the worst about it [is] the time it makes me lose, because works eventually come out when I stop worrying.

Interview with Xulia Vicente

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This great blog here interviewed me and put some of my works together. A nice surprise :) I’m a bit embarrased but highly grateful. Check their posts!


looks like im getting a wii-u


do you ever just wanna message someone and say hi but it’s been like a couple months since you last spoke so it’s like awkward because you dont know if they even want to talk to you anymore anyway and just



Free! x Pokemon (Click the images for larger size).

Story of Makoto and Dratini

When Makoto was young, Dratini saved him from drowning. Makoto smiled and said thank you to him; Dratini fell in love(?) with him and started to follow him. (It’s more like imprinting)  


Smaug appreciation


The fencing team uniform from the university of the fourth layer of hell.  Tierran is our lovely model for today’s design.


The fencing team uniform from the university of the fourth layer of hell.  Tierran is our lovely model for today’s design.


coming out of your room at 3 am and seeing your parents



Galaxy Space Print Bodysuit Romper Hoodie with by CoquetryClothing


The dragons are dragoning (⊙ω⊙✿)


San Diego Comic Con 2014 - Capcom’s Booth 

Kino here, Admin of Rathalos-Scales
Managed to get into Comic-Con as a Exhibitor (well cause I am exhibiting as well but nvm that) Also not wearing my signature outfit but it’s hot in San Diego, don’t think I’d survive in my Guy-Man helm w/ my Melynx Kigu, but I was decked out in MH gear: backpack, wallet, hair-tie, shirt. 

But Before the crowd and arriving at my booth, I book’d it to Capcom’s Booth and felt my heart race happily seeing that Goa Magara. Had a lovely talk with Yuri and other staff members of Capcom (wish I got their names!) 

I got to demo MH4U, and before there was a crowd when exhibit hall was nearing opening, I got to be the first to buy my SDCC Monster Hunter exclusive plushies. And take loads of pictures of me with Goa. Pulled some “How To Train Your Dragon” with the Goa. 

thank you for this experience capcomunity


——————————- COMMISSIONS!! —————————————-

Hello everyone! I’m opening commissions again, this time changing up the prices but offering pretty much anything you’d like. If you are interested in a style or size I don’t have listed, don’t hesitate to ask! I would love to work with you to get you exactly what you’d like!

5 usd
//  sketched and lightly colored head shot

10 usd // sketched digital piece, inked and colored head shot, or a traditional paper buddy

15 usd // inked with flat colors*

20 usd // inked with full color *
*starting price of half bodies. full bodies will be a bit more

paypal preferred //

please message me here, note me on deviantart, or email me with any questions you have!

Thanks for all the support! You guys are the best! u 3 u